What Doesn't kill you makes you blonder

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Can't wait to find out about what the principal says. Update soon?


Me too!! Probably won’t update for a while… Only 3 people left feedback…

Oh my goshhhhhhhh!! I need more! So freaking amazing!


Thanks so much!! I’ll try to update soon


30 days of Miranda Lambert
Day 1: The first Miranda song that you heard
More Like Her


30 days of Miranda Lambert
Day 1: The first Miranda song that you heard
More Like Her

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look at the detail in her hair…

I read that they created an entire computer program to make each strand of her hair move the way it should with her body

like 2 years of this movie production was dedicated to her hair 

I really do hope someone who worked on this has a tumblr and is sat with a single tear in their eye whispering “they noticed… it was all worth it, every single day…”


Carrie on how she handles break ups




Cowboy boots > Heels
Gettin dirty > Being clean
Y’all > You guys
Luke Bryan > Justin Bieber
Lifted Trucks > sports cars
Farms > Cities

*George Strait > Justin Bieber

^thanks for fixing it

Take It Out On Me (part 10)

Here’s part 10! leave feed back and I’ll write something else soon!

Blake almost melted into the kiss before he realized what was happening and he pulled back.

“Miranda stop,” He said and she pulled back frowning.  Blake could see the hurt in her eyes but the last time they had started this while they were upset, things had gone further than either of them had wanted and Blake didn’t want that to happen again.

“Blake please,” She said and tried to press their lips together again.

“Miranda, this can’ be what we do,” He said and she pulled back looking at him. 

“Please Blake, I want you,” She begged and Blake gave in, letting her lips hit his and letting them fall back into the bed of his truck.  Before he knew it, neither of them had clothing on and he was on top of her and now stopping was the furthest thing from his mind.

After they were finished they both laid there for a second before Miranda started crying again.  Blake knew that this was going to happen.  He had tried to stop it but he had failed and now they were stuck in another awkward situation.

Miranda stood up then and pulled on her clothes.  “Will you take me back to the school?” she asked quietly and Blake nodded.  He didn’t say anything as Miranda jumped out of the truck and walked to the passenger door.  He quickly pulled on his clothes and jumped out as well, closing his tailgate and getting behind the steering wheel.

They drove back to the school in silence.  Blake wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say.  He wasn’t really sure what the issue was but he knew better than to make Miranda mad at him.

Miranda was too caught up in her own thoughts to think about what she should be saying to Blake.  She knew he probably thought that she regretted what they had done again but she didn’t, what she felt for Blake was so far from regret, but telling him that would have to wait.

Blake pulled up to the curb in front of the school and looked around.  School had already ended but there were still a few students hanging around and the teacher’s parking lot was mostly full.

Miranda unbuckled her seat belt and reached for the door handle before turning back to Blake. “Are you coming,” She asked and Blake looked over at her, a little confused before he pulled his keys out of the ignition and hoped out of the truck, following behind Miranda as she walked up the steps and into the school.

Miranda walked straight to the office and up to the desk.  “Is Mr. Obrian still here?” She asked and the secretary asked her to wait before she walked back into the office.

She came back a few minutes later followed by their principal.  “Miss. Lambert, What can I do for you?” he asked and Miranda gulped.

“I was wondering if I could talk to you about something.” She said but it came out as more as a question.

“Of course, come on back,” He said.  Miranda started to follow and then stopped to look at Blake.

It was clear that Blake was trying to work out whether he should follow or not.  Miranda shook her head slightly and Blake sighed as she turned her back and followed Mr. Obrian back to his office. 

Blake stood there for a second, not sure of why Miranda wanted him to come in if she was just going to make him wait outside.  Finally he decided that he should wait for her so he took a seat in one of the chairs at the front of the main office and tried imagine the conversation in the office beyond him.


(via Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting - Joanne Eats Well With Others)


(via Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting - Joanne Eats Well With Others)